Sunday, 10 February 2013

Our First Android App"The Lupus App" is Live in Google Play, download it today.
Here is the link to the App

Or you can use the following QR Code if you have Barcode reader installed on your phone, just point your phone's camera to the following code and install it on your Android Phone.

Friday, 21 September 2012

A bridge between Medical and Technology

The sole aim and purpose of setting the ZK MediTechLabz is to bridge the ever expanding gap that exist between Medical Field and Information Technology.

A well qualified Medical Doctor is very good at his/her medical knowledge and field, but due to his/her busy practice or his continuous study in tough medical field, he has no or very little time to have a fair knowledge of Computers and what significant role Computer and mobile devices can play in Medical field.

On the other hand, a qualified IT Professional maybe good in Programming, managing Computers/Internet and all technical stuff, but When it comes to making a software or an app for  Medical Field, he has virtually no knowledge how to start or what exactly a Practicing Doctor wants the software or App to have Complex medical terms, Different methods adopted by Doctors, numerous branches of Medical Field have their own requirements.

So in order to bridge this huge gap, the idea of creating ZK MediTechLabz conceived.

ZK MediTechLabz is owned by a Medical Doctor, Dr Zahid Shah, who in turn is a IT and Computer Geek since last 15 years, and has a working knowledge in both Medical and Computer field. And Mr. Kamal Chhajed, who is a post graduate in Computer Science and he is been closely associated and working with several Qualified Medical Doctors. These two persons make merging these two fields like a breeze.

ZK MediTechLabz currently deals with creating Quality Medical Apps for Iphone, Android,Blackberry, Windows and Symbian  Mobile Platforms. 

We also make customized Apps for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies Para medics etc for all above mobile platforms.

People who wish to transform any brilliant idea they have into a complete working App for any mobile platform can also reach us, we will be glad to make your dreams into reality.

Kindly contact us at